Megan (maefourtwenty) wrote,

These are the things.

My sisters pinning from the dental hygiene program was Tuesday, a very personal and beautiful ceremony. Joey pinned her on stage; the whole thing was obviously very ceremonial and for the purpose of family. Just being able to conceptualize her experience from the inner network of other couragous students I finally had a face to match to their names really meant something. I have never been so proud of someone, I just wanted to burst with tears. I held back, for Jens sake, she was so nervous and just wanted it to be over. I cried on the way home like a baby.

Yesterday I had her graduation party and I can't believe how amazing it was. Hosting a huge party, seriously, from brainstorm beginnings, to invites, to food, to phone calls, to horrendous BJ's runs, to set up was an anxiety attack waiting to boil, and it did about three nights before the party. Thank man-made god for ativan. Anyway. The party was so good! Bonfire, keg, paper lights!, family, my homemade sangria, lots of food, just wonderful. Twenty cups of my sangria-o-death coupled with family shared joints made this morning brutal (an understatement).

I'm thrilled for everyone else who has been celebrating their vast college graduation achievements recently. Sometimes I sit and just ponder how amazing all of my friends are, and their successess and life stories make me really proud to say I know them. Congrats everyone, from the quiet corners of my heart and mind.
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