Megan (maefourtwenty) wrote,

I had a minor-to-major meltdown today as I was forced (by my internal) to confront my life long best friend about his sexual orientation. While the conversation ended pretty unresolved, I still felt some pressure lifted, and some hope for a more open future. I felt very selfish today putting him in such a position, like who am I to make him feel like he owes an explanation for his sexuality? On the reverse end, I think I took a huge step forward on the path of maturity by being so vulnerable and confronting him. Amazing how admiting to vulnerability somehow equates to "grown-up".

What a complicated matter sexual orientation is, namely, having to talk and analyze something that feels natural.

I think that is our future here: taking the natural and making it complicated, into terms, and theories, because it keeps people confused and open to interpretation, which we need in a society that thrives on overwhelming stimuli. We can't rest; we can't be bored. We need to keep the emotional ball rolling.

Anyway. Carrie Bradshaw makes late-night blogging look so seamless. I think I will retire here.
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