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No matter how often I clean my room, things are never tidy. I believe this is because my mind is never tidy; I'm a messy person literally and figuratively. Tonight I realize that the reason I can't keep things in a neat space and have trash bags of things to toss just about every week is because important belongings to me are not material, but rather experimental, resting in the quiet corners of my mind as apposed to framed and placed on my desk.

My mother asked me a while ago what possessions I have that I actually care about- I believe this was a stab at my inability to take care of things- but I didn't really have an answer, except for my journals, which are dwindling as electronic writing replaces them by the day.

Don't get me wrong, I have stuff, but I could definitely live without this stuff, which is evident in the way my room looks all the time. The pile of things I regret buying are tangible, and pile of non-regret purchases are invisible, like all my dmb concerts; meaningful experiences I wouldn't regret spending money on in a second.

On that note I am seriously looking forward to seeing Incubus in August from the PIT, they are the most poetic band to experience.

Start a grueling summer class tomorrow.
I'm feeling pretty low tonight.
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