Megan (maefourtwenty) wrote,


Poetry updates...

I got 3 of my poems published in the yearly literary journal The Onyx. I'm mostly content that "Pendulum" has a home now; I've held it for a good year and it's been rejected four times, and it's honestly one of my closest poems.

I wrote and illustrated a collection of my poems via InDesign. As a project for graphic design, the task was both tedious and enlightening. I'm glad for the experience, and to have been able to conceptualize my poems into designs. But I must say, I am SO technologically unsavvy! The software outstanded me and I spent dayssssssss in that studio learning the tricks. Another topic for another day.

I received the judges notes for my 3rd place poem in the Sparrow competition which was VERY unexpected and her observations were wonderfully sharp and deep. The audience responded well to the reading, I really enjoy reading for an audience and look foward to working on that craft. A poem really takes on a new life in spoken word, and after working so closely with my poems it feels like a priviledge to be able to deliver them...and LIBERATING.

June 6th I'll be reading at the Salem Arts Festival, and get to crash with the seminar alumni for the night. Really looking forward to that, I missed my people.

Onto another...
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